About Kyle Walker – Award Winning Tattoo Artist in Nottingham

Kyle has been an experienced tattoo artist in Nottingham for over five years and during this time has gained enough experience to boost his natural skill, win him various awards, and finally allow him to be a member of a collective tattoo studio in Nottingham. From a young age and throughout his life, Kyle has been noticed for his artistic ability. This talent and passion has driven him to turn what he loves into his job by creating a career as an award winning tattoo artist from genuine experience in the tattooing profession. Even moving to Newcastle didn’t stop him as he continued his self-motivated training and joined the Viking Tattoo Studio before returning with more skills to tattoo in Nottingham. Kyle tattoos around 150 people a year with great feedback on his skill and advice-giving. You can see this skill for yourself by taking a look through Kyle’s portfolio. Kyle is known for his attention to detail and works very well with colour. His large black and grey pieces and realist portraits are what make him appeal to numerous magazines and stand out at tattoo conventions.

The realist tattoo artist in Nottingham

Kyle specialises in realism tattoos in Nottingham, he also likes to blend this with a Chicano inspiration; bringing a unique twist to his style of work which other realism tattoo artists in Nottingham don’t have. Realist tattoos are in high demand, but you should ensure it’s done professionally; there is an obvious level of skill and detail that comes with realist tattooing in order to execute a portrait that looks ‘real’. He most enjoys tattoos that involve Day of the Dead or Payasa girls and is inspired by many things from nature to computer games.

The studio

Kyle works as a part of the team in Danny’s Tattoo Collective in Nottingham, which is situated across from the Capital FM Motorpoint Arena in the centre of Nottingham. Danny’s is the oldest (and therefore the most experienced) tattoo studio in Nottingham, it boasts over 30 years of happy inking; remaining the longest standing tattoo studio in the whole of the Nottingham area. Although the inside doesn’t match this exterior vintage vibe, with a brand new interior you can be tattooed in comfort and style.

Award-winning tattoo artist

Kyle has recently won a live tattoo dual at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2018; this large-scale event hosts UK tattoo awards which over 250 tattoo artist attend. Kyle has also won the award for Best Large and Grey Tattoo at the Ink & Oil convention in 2016. These achievements have led him to become a trusted and respected award winning tattoo artist in Nottingham; he hopes to continue this success as he attends more conventions in the future.

Free consultation

Kyle offers a free consultation for tattoos in Nottingham. This means the studio will provide a consultation free-of-charge before booking you in for the appointment. So come in and have a chat, bring some of your own ideas or look at what there is to offer. You can email Kyle directly at appt@kyle.tattoo , pop into the studio or ring Danny’s Tattoo Collective on 0044 115 9501505
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