Animal Inspired Tattoo Ideas

Animal Inspired Tattoo Ideas

One of the great things about animal tattoos is the versatility. Animals have a long history as visual symbols. Kyle Walker is an expert at realism tattoos in Nottingham and therefore can transform a simple tattoo into something unique, eye-catching and more realistic.

Often, a single animal will represent a handful of ideas, depending on the time and culture. Here are a few tattoo ideas perfect for animal lovers:


There are numerous variations of elephant tattoos. They can come in a traditional form, the outline of an elephant, an animated elephant or mosaic creation. An elephant is typically symbolic of prosperity and good luck. People also believe that depending on where the elephant is located, largely determines its meaning. If you need help deciding which elephant design you want to go with, Kyle Walker, the award-winning tattoo artist in Nottingham should be able to steer you in the right direction.


A lion notoriously represents courage, strength and loyalty. The lion tattoo is not necessarily considered to be ‘mainstream’, but it is a popular tattoo design. Kyle Walker, as an experienced tattoo artist in Nottingham, has completed a number of Lion tattoo designs some of which can be seen on his online portfolio. Lion’s are often deemed the king of the jungle, and many people want a tattoo of lion to symbolise their own strength and authority. A lion is also the symbol for ‘Leo’ star sign, another popular reasoning behind a tattoo.


A tattoo is often used to represent a personal trait or an important period in a person’s life. Monkeys are often thought to be animated and mischievous, and a lot of people can really connect with the Monkey’s playful nature. If you are looking for a tattoo artist in Nottingham to help you create an original cheetah design then Kyle Walker could be the person to see.

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A bird is a popular tattoo choice and great for people looking for or a smaller, more discreet tattoo. Birds are symbolic of various things such as freedom, spiritual guidance and protection, motherhood and family as well as love and peace. On the other hand, the eagle conveys the power; it is man’s connection to the divine because it flies higher than any other bird. With its ability to soar the skies, the eagle can often represent ambition, strength, courage and determination. Kyle Walker, a Nottingham tattoo artists, has had a lot of experience with realistic animal tattoos for many clients over the years, feel free to drop by the studio for a chat.

Eagle Arm


Bears are increasingly rare yet indisputably beautiful animals. They live all across the planet, and they are spiritually significant in many cultures throughout the world. Bear tattoos are also a popular choice amongst many. Bears are often associated with strength, protection, family and spirituality. The bear paw is found in many Native American works of art, and is seen as a symbol of strength and healing. The black bear, for example, are known for their skill in battle, and as tattoo designs often represent warrior spirits.

Growling Bear Tattoo on Arm

Combination of animals

If you have a love for animals but simply can’t decide on only one for your tattoo design, then why not create a design which includes an amalgamation of animals. Check out this animal sleeve below.

Cats and frogs tattoo
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