How to Choose the Best Tattoo Artist in Nottingham For You

Whether you have ten tattoos or taking the leap with your very first tattoo, trusting that you have chosen the best local tattoo artist for you is essential. In either case, I probably don’t need to tell you that picking your tattooist in Nottingham at random is a dangerous and potentially costly game. Since 2013, I have been able to take a passion for drawing and design and make it my full-time profession as a tattoo artist in Nottingham. With that in mind, I want to share some really useful tips when choosing a tattooist who is right for you.

Go to an Experienced Nottingham Tattoo Artist

It’s true that we all need to start somewhere, but going to an experienced tattoo artist, or a reputable tattoo parlour in Nottingham is – unsurprisingly – really crucial. It ensures not only the quality of your tattoo, but your safety too. Through years of experience as a tattooist here in Nottingham, I have been able to make conversations with clients into epic, intricate and detailed pieces of tattoo art. Being able to trust your chosen tattoo studio in Nottingham to deliver exactly what you want is important and something that experience certainly allows. I implore you to take my advice; do your research and ensure that you go to a tattoo studio where the artists have proven experience.

Take a Look at the Portfolio of the Tattoo Artist

They say the proof is in the pudding; in the tattoo world, it’s in the portfolio.

Taking the time to look through the portfolios of the Nottingham tattoo artists will give you a far better idea of their skill and expertise than simply going in blind. Most experienced tattoo artists are proud of their work and recognise the importance of sharing it. You will find most have a dedicated website or social media account for their work. You can find my portfolio here. Something else to consider is the specialism of the tattoo artist. For example, my specialism as a tattoo artist in Nottingham lies within realism and life-like design. You should get an idea of a specialism and range from a tattoo artist’s portfolio.

Visit the Tattoo Studio in Nottingham

Knowing that you’re in safe hands is imperative when it comes to getting a tattoo. By visiting a tattoo parlour in Nottingham you can see for yourself whether the establishment is safe, sanitised and generally makes you feel at ease. The advice is simple; if it doesn’t look professional, don’t go there.

Book a Consultation with Your Tattoo Artist

A consultation is a given with any respected tattoo artist. It is your opportunity to discuss and finalise your tattoo design and ask any questions you may have. If you are not offered a consultation, you should take it as a big red flag. Whilst I am not one of them, be aware that some tattoo studios will charge an additional fee for your consultation.

There you have it, four tips on how to choose the best tattoo artist for you in Nottingham. In general, if something doesn’t feel right to you, go with your gut and get out. A professional and experienced tattooist should be able to make you feel comfortable and secure. Remember; a tattoo isn’t just for Christmas – so put in a bit of time to get it right!

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