2 Artists 1 Clarke – Tattoos to remember

2 Artists 1 Clarke – Tattoos to remember

Today marked an awesome day in my tattoo calendar


2 or 3 months ago me and Jamie at Sunken Hollow in Loughborough had an idea for a tattoo, We both were due to tattoo a friend of ours from another studio so thought why don’t we do them both at the same time.

After running the idea past Clarke (the unlucky guy as it turned out) he was all up for it. We went through the ideas we were going to be doing, Mine was going to be a Payasa portrait of his other half. Month or so later I happened to put a photo up of Margot Robbie tattooing while she was dressed as Harley Quinn, up pops Clarke on my facebook inbox saying he wants it. By this point I had already booked it so said id still be up for doing another photo of her. A few weeks of messaging back and forward and we decided on the picture.



I was happy, he was happy, all sorted.

The big day arrives, all packed up and and unpacked at Sunken Hollow,

All stenciled up on both legs and ready to rock… If you want to check out what happened during the tattoo go check the live feeds on facebook… they were definitely amusing lol


Anyway after a long slog tattooing heres a few photos from the day (was abit busy with the tattooing to take photos lol

14440997_10154894649191874_2889573094694564296_n 14484602_10154731747507323_8493896991023851961_n 20161001_13244514440955_10154731747567323_3939756090439974323_n 14470402_10154732591877323_7325032958605922178_n

And here is the finished article

a big thanks to Clarke at Rendition Tattoo Studio for allowing me and Jamie to go mental on your legs 🙂 it was emotional and sorry about the shorts…. necessary sacrifice 🙂

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn Tattoo
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