Autistic, Artistic

Autistic, Artistic

Autism and Art

So I’ll get this out the way now, Hi I’m Kyle and Im on the Autistic Spectrum. I was diagnosed late in life (24 to be exact) and to be honest it wasn’t really a shock.

Growing up iv always been comfortable speaking to people and “making friends”. The trouble I always had was then keeping said friends. I was always more comfortable with my own company rather than the company of others, Also didn’t really understand social cues and such which would usually cause people to be a bit put off by me.

In the begining there was…… art, or autism

Iv always been artistic, ever since I was at Primary school iv enjoyed art. Saying that I actually pretty much failed art in school. Never really got the whole school thing to be honest, It was boring as shit, its pretty easy to regurgitate the bullshit they “teach” you when you have a near enough eidetic memory and LLI. I used to really piss teachers off completely ignoring them visually but sadly taking in everything they said and being able to recall it word for word.

Anyway getting off topic. Iv always been able to pick up new things very quickly (teaching my self how to tattoo being one)

Different strokes for different folks

Anyway Iv always known I was erm different (for use of a better word) and even my college tutor pulled me aside at one point to discuss me having something, but never thought anything of it until I was about the 23/24 years old mark. The reason for this is I had problems with a “normal” job I had which led me to go to the GP for help, that and also I had a child on the way so wanted to iron out all my other problems.

1 thing led to another and It came to it I had Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Low Latent Inhibition. My initial reaction to it was ‘but I’m nothing like Rainman???’ anyway it was explained to me that I was at the higher functioning scale of it and because of the LLI and a high IQ I was able to figure out a lot and form a lot of processes myself in normal day to day life.


Autism moving forward

Now moving forward from this to me learning to tattoo. As I said earlier I have always been artistic and creative Iv just never really been able to deal with education. I was getting some work by a local guy and felt I could do a better job than this. It was on Holiday afew months later that I decided that I’d give it a bash.

**Disclaimer- what I am about to say is seriously bad and I would never recommend it to anybody as a way to get into tattooing professionally** I bought a cheap chinese kit (2nd hand might I add) it came with 2 machines some needles, them horrible grips, a few colours and a black ink, and essentially I taught myself to tattoo, It took a 12-18 months of stupidly hard graft and I got lucky and got offered a position in a shop.. the rest of this story you can read on my bio 🙂


The Problem with autism is that

The problem with Autism is as per pretty much all mental issues is that its so broad a spectrum that I never truly knew anything about it. The only autistic people I had seen anything of really was Rainman and then the people who were in the waiting room of my psychologist none of which I really connected to. it wasnt until I really started to dig into it and research (thankfully around the same time more and more things on autism were being put on tv etc) so I was able to understand abit more. which leads me to my next figuring out.

I think that the combination of all my mental ‘issues’ has led to me being the artist I am today, The autism to engross me into the subject I love, the LLI to allow me to pick up things quickly and being able to figure out the working of things. the combination of the 2 seems to unlock something in my brain which allows me to, well, be me 🙂

Ill delve more into things regarding this as and when I can/feel like it, but for now if you would like any info pay a visit to and





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