Emery therapy=happy kyle. Tattooist with back problems

Emery therapy=happy kyle. Tattooist with back problems

Tattooist Problems


So the problem with tattooing for 6+ hours a day is its killer on your back.

after 2 years of solid none stop work this last year my back has been killing, I’d pull my neck every other week and most days I couldn’t stand up properly. I always think back to a time where after the 1st day of a convention I was sat in Pizza Hut with Francesca and I couldn’t sit up properly. I was literally bent over the table 90 degrees while i was sat down it was pretty hilarious when I look back but at the time it wasnt.


This last 6 months iv been seeing Terry at Emerytherapy and can honestly say its the best thing iv ever paid for. Every 2 weeks I have an hour on my back and its worth every second of agony. Honestly at times I’ve never felt pain like it… a grown mans bodyweight in the point of his elbow right into your upper back (cheers for that terry still get nightmares now) but it wouldnt compare to the 2-3 days I would need sometimes when my back went.

Anyway this post is just  a shout out to Terry for all the help and for the ability to stand up.

Anyone who tattoos, draws or sits over for long periods id defo recommend going to see somebody like him purely to keep your back in 1 peice

you can check him out on


or emerytherapy

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